Sesh, making parenting easier

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Helping parents build healthy relationshipsmanage behavioral

issuesand make better decisions... from first words to all grown up.


solve problems now

We all need solutions to the real problems we face with our children every day. Sesh delivers techniques you can use right now,

plus lasting solutions that address the core issue one step at a time.


create connection 

Sesh connects you and your child through fun activities to build closeness. Teach emotional intelligence, and learn how your child sees the world so you can connect, guide, and communicate better.


think through decisions

Parents face a lot of decisions daily. Sesh makes it easy for you and your family to think through decisions big and small, together. Sesh pinpoints items for you to discuss with your co-parent, based on shared goals.

Dreaming of zero-tantrum days?
Sesh can help.

Tackle tantrums with our immersive six-week tantrum course. 

Throughout your six-week course you will build a personalized plan, get science-backed techniques, and receive daily guidance all through the app.

what parents are saying 
about solving tantrums with Sesh

I’m so grateful for these techniques. We’ve had some big changes over the last few days that easily could have caused a tantrum but thankfully we’ve been able to avoid them, and ourselves stay extremely calm amidst the change and chaos.” 

- Mother of 2.5-year-old

“It’s been such an extremely long time since she had a tantrum-free day and man was it exciting to celebrate that at the end of the day!

 - Mother of 3.5-year-old 

“We did breathing exercises when I noticed he was starting to get upset about something and it really seemed to help!

- Mother of 2.5-year-old


by parents, for parents

Let's face it, we're all stressed and tired. None of us know what we're doing all of the time, or even most of the time.

We built Sesh to reduce feelings of inadequacy and help you be more confident in your parenting skills.


helping families grow closer