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an affordable business coach, for every member of your team

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 upskill your workforce and

ignite team satisfaction

an AI-powered business coach to improve skills that develop high performing professionals

Sesh teaches soft skills at scale, coaching professionals into inspirational leaders who are more productive and better at their jobs


create a personal plan​

employee's take a skills assessment and discover their coaching plan


learn techniques & skills

hone such skills as communication, leadership, decision-making, and more


build effective habits

implement practical tools and techniques for lasting transformation 


 get feedback & coaching 

from any video or phone call

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Sesh call coaching works with every system

no download or installation required


skills every professional needs

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skill development 
insights & progress

gain insight into skill development and accelerate future leaders​

understand engagement and trends, to inspire team cohesion and increase productivity

how will Sesh drive your team's success?

coaching for real transformation

over the last two decades we have coached hundreds of professional teams, including Fortune 100, to understand how professionals communicate and collaborate in an increasingly remote world


here’s what we found: coaching core soft skills across all levels of the business can cut staff attrition by 40%, increase sales wins by 5%, and triple productivity

we draw on cognitive psychology and educational neuroscience research from the Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education to underpin our delivery method, and turn everyone in the Sesh platform into hyper-productive learners


by accelerating the learning process we enable rapid habit change, from ignorance to identity

we leverage the FOGG Behavior Model and powerful insights from James Clear’s Atomic Habits to inform the process of behavior change and the way Sesh’s AI recommends systems for change


combined with Sesh co-founder, cauri jaye’s, own CRISP behavior change model, Sesh condenses real and meaningful habit change that usually takes months into as few as six weeks per skill

 why Sesh?

affordable & scalable

most business coaches can cost up to $200/hour - Sesh starts at less than $15 per user, per month

retain your future leaders

61% of employees are actively looking for new jobs because they lack professional development - Sesh offers opportunities for daily improvement & skills development

gain a competitive advantage

40% of talent leave their jobs due to lack of future career development. attract the best with a personalized coaching platform

grow your business

see an 88% increase in productivity while your teams develop greater skills with just 5-10 minutes a day in Sesh

build a stronger culture

stronger company culture has been linked to improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and leads to higher profit margins.

empower the individual, improve the team

affordable & easy-to-use

Sesh's artificial intelligence uses multi-modal analysis, including video, audio, and language to understand learners and hone such skills as communication, leadership, management, grit, decision-making, and more


everyone deserves a coach, not just leaders and executives. Sesh is democratizing coaching with a scalable solution that mimics a real life coaching experience, not just providing tips and content libraries


Sesh is designed to help everyone discover their best selves

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 trusted by

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"A few days after a particular session, I experienced a brilliant idea from the contractor that surfaced because of a misinterpretation of a client project.

I directly applied my learned collaboration techniques which resulted in a great idea that saved a few thousand dollars. Magic."

- Project Manager

"I thought the coaching sessions were cool for myself, but the dashboard was actually really helpful too in gaining insights into how the rest of the team thinks.

I feel so lucky to work for a company that embraces soft skills training."

- Director of Culture

"The results of these simple, yet amazingly effective coaching sessions, is quite positive. Each session manifests itself almost immediately. I have used the techniques in my daily huddles and workshops to surprisingly good results. More exciting though is observing my team using the techniques they learned with enthusiasm and surprising efficiency."

- Chairman & CEO

“I used to think I was a productive professional until I began my coaching journey with Sesh. I have completed approximately five sessions and each has truly changed the entire way I approach my business and personal life. I look forward to continuing my growth.”

- Consultant

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