be a confident communicator and transform your career

master influence & persuasion with your
AI-powered communication coach


how we work

effective communication is key to success in work and life. in just 5-10 minutes a day, accelerate your communication skills with your personal, affordable AI-powered coach


record yourself

record & upload a practice pitch, presentation, story, or speech


view analysis

Sesh analyzes your video, quickly identifying areas of improvement​


improve your skills

receive targeted coaching to supercharge your communication skills


communication skills coaching

get advice, learn a technique, practice, and focus your efforts 

like any good coach, Sesh gets to know you better by asking questions, listening to stories, and observing work (videos). as Sesh learns about you, it identifies individual challenges and opportunities for skill improvement


each coaching session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience, and teaches immediately applicable techniques 

communication patterns

self-awareness and self-regulation are key components of effective communication
with Sesh you can see how often you use filler words like uh and um, analyze positivity in your language and tone, and know whether others will understand you easily   

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how will Sesh drive your success? 

take a quick quiz to find out how our AI-powered coach can help you?

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increase your influence

to give an excellent pitch, speech, or presentation we must be adaptive communicators. Sesh will show you how others may perceive you

Sesh will also uncover patterns over time to help you stay in tune with your audience, and identify unexpected moments to guide improvement

get each recording 

do you ever practice your pitch or presentation and nail it, then immediately go, “what did I just say?”

Sesh offers complete transcripts so you can remember and identify what's working and what's not, and optimize your language for engagement and understanding

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360 approach to effective pitching, presenting, and speaking

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optimize your language

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hone your content

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improve your presentation

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connect with your audience

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strengthen your pitch mindset

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deal with interruptions 

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inspire action

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enhance your Q&A


our method: do what works

our methods come from decades of in-person professional and executive coaching used across many industries, from startups to fortune 100 companies

we distilled these methods using principles of educational neuroscience and adapted them to online learning. Sesh uses these coaching principles to provide AI-powered coaching that does what works, for you