don't fall behind,
master soft skills 
for a digital world

upskill yourself in just 5 minutes a day with your personal AI-powered business coach

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strengthen your client relationships, 

demonstrate standout communication,

 fast-track your promotion

Covid has accelerated the adoption of fully digitized approaches. soft skills that were once considered a bonus, are now a requisite to succeed


refine your digital communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills and outperform your competition  



discover measurable and impactful techniques through science-backed methodologies



Sesh's conversational AI facilitates discovery through conversation, challenges, and observation - growing with you



learn simple ways to teach your clients the same techniques and principles


invest in
transferable skills,
transform your business

habits take an average of 6 weeks to change or build - Sesh learns your specific needs ensuring the shortest time possible from first knowledge to second nature for each skill

all in just 5 minutes a day


each coaching session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience

hone your
presentation skills,
impress every client

receive call coaching on every client callto maintain high-performing reviews with Sesh's AI call coaching feature

Sesh's AI will tell you how often you use
filler words like uh and um, analyze positivity in your language and tone, identify whether your client's will understand you easily,  and more  

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how will Sesh drive your success? 

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the data-driven coach you need, at your fingertips 

in just 5 minutes a day, become a confident communicator, learn to make better decisions faster, increase your mental toughness, deepen your empathy, speak more positively, and problem solve with confidence

we draw on cognitive psychology and educational neuroscience research from the Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education to underpin our delivery method, and turn everyone in the Sesh platform into hyper-productive learners