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zoom better
collaborate better
pitch better

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build lasting habits in 5 minutes a day

our AI helps you condense real and meaningful habit change--change that usually takes months--into as few as six weeks per skill

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immediately usable techniques

we’re in the business of science-backed habit change. this means the kinds of conversations you’d have with a human coach - absolutely no boring video libraries or impersonal assessments


new era

let’s be honest. we’ve all had a tough time at work these past few years: no looking people in the eye, no travel, no dinners, no shaking on a deal. have you noticed misunderstandings on the rise because of video meetings? 

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the skills you need for a remote world

Sesh’s AI-powered coach helps you zoom better, pitch better, and collaborate better... in as little as 5 minutes a day 

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conquer the new digital-first world

perfect your digital collaboration and problem-solving skills to impress the heck out of your coworkers and get where you need to go

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day 1
learn & apply a technique

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week 1
it deeply

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week 2-3
fit it into your day-to-day

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week 4-5
make it
second nature

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week 6
add it to your identity


it’s measurable, personalized, and transferable

Sesh artificial intelligence coach gets to know you over time to create a personal coaching experience, giving what you need when you need it

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AI coach for every consultant


the Sesh method

our team has learned a lot in the past two years

as the working world shifted, we adapted our methods from 25 years of experience and thousands of corporate engagements to create a coaching system that works for everyone

the Sesh method leverages the Fogg Behavior Model, powerful insights from James Clear’s Atomic Habits, and Sesh co-founder cauri jaye’s own CRISP habit change model to condense real habit change that would usually take months into as few as six weeks per skill


identify areas to improve, using psychographic analysis

control your journey to create ownership and psychological safety

learn skills through guided conversations with your AI coach

transform your identity by making these habits second nature

integrate skills into your life, with gamified check-ins from your coach

practice your new skills with custom games and exercises


it’s not rocket science, 
educational neuroscience

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