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meet Sesh, the emotional intelligence skill builder for children

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Helping parents develop their child's emotional intelligence.

Experience fewer tantrums, easier bedtimesand most importantly a happier, more self-aware child.

build emotional


Children learn about many different emotions so that they can communicate and express themselves mindfully.

Research shows that emotional intelligence predicts over 54% of success in relationships. People with strong emotional intelligence earn higher grades, make healthier life choices, and have a higher chance of success.



Children learn how they influence other people’s emotions and that other people can influence theirs.


Acknowledging the profound influence of emotions in their lives increases self-awareness and improves mental health.


The outcome? Nonviolent communication, and strong interpersonal skills. 


promote purposeful 


Sesh’s emotional intelligence builder starts with children as young as 1 year old and continues through childhood.


Choose between two modes, ‘shared mode’ with multiple children and parent(s), or set them up solo to fulfill their desired screentime with purposeful exercises and activities.


by parents, for parents

Let’s face it, parenting is hard. We are all stressed and tired. We built Sesh to help parents teach their children integral emotional intelligence skills.


Happier children will be happier adults, and happier adults will make this crazy world a little bit better.


helping develop emotionally intelligent kids 

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