our ethical policy

an approach to building an ethical company driven by an ethical artificial intelligence

our ethical approach reflects our learnings over the past eighteen months, built upon the longer experience of our team. we continue to refine them as we learn more

we build our artificial intelligence following three principles under an umbrella philosophy

the umbrella augmented intelligence

we seek to improve the human condition. this means that an artificial intelligence ought to work alongside us to make us better at what we do. we, in turn, must reciprocate by providing the artificial intelligence with everything it needs to succeed. this relationship of mutual benefit creates a ‘symbiotic’ augmented intelligence

principle one: truth

an artificial intelligence, like a human, ought to base its thinking on accurate data

we work to make sure our datasets come from reliable sources; we test them for bias; we expose them to critical processes; and we use empirical processes to continually test and assess the data

we seek truth in our source data. read more

principle two: empathy

an artificial intelligence has to express its inner working as accurately as it can

we visualize and externalize at every level of the system. our artificial intelligence displays its data sets, its models and its output for constant transparency and human review and deep understanding

we have empathy for our artificial intelligence. read more


principle three: humanity

an artificial intelligence’s outputs must benefit rather than cause harm

we find out as much as we can about the downstream effects of the use of our technology to avoid misuse or nefarious outcomes. our artificial intelligence respects every individual’s privacy while it seeks to better their lives

our artificial intelligence looks to create benefit for humanity. read more