what does Sesh do?

Sesh is the ultimate AI communication coach for anyone looking to become a more confident and engaging communicator Sesh analyzes recordings of your pitch, presentation, and speech and provides insight into your communication patterns, followed by personalized micro-training for rapid improvement

how does Sesh work?

Sesh technology looks at a video source, much like a human would, and detects how you’re being perceived, the tone of your language and voice, how many filler words you're using, if your audience is likely to understand what you're saying, and more each challenge Sesh detects in your communication creates a personal micro-training to help you feel confident when speaking in front of any audience

how much does it cost?

Sesh is free for all beta users. sign up by clicking any 'start free trial' button to become a beta user today

how can I try out Sesh?

click on any of the start coaching buttons to test out the platform

how accurate is Sesh?

like a person, practice and learning improves performance. the more videos Sesh looks at, the more accurate it becomes. Sesh only displays insights when they reach a critical threshold of confidence which is greater than most humans ability

is this product brand new?

yep. hot off the press. sign up for your free trial today!

what is Sesh doing to protect my privacy?

Sesh is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. this means we do not store any data you do not want us to and you can delete your data at any time

how is my Sesh data being stored?

Sesh uses Amazon Web Services as a platform for data storage. all data is secured and all data transmission is encrypted. video playback is highly regulated with top tier security features

do people need to give consent before you can record them?

yes, consent is required. If recording a video with multiple participants, you can add this consent disclaimer in your meeting invite- meeting consent disclaimer

is Sesh GDPR & CCPA compliant?

yes, Sesh is GDPR and CCPA compliant

who created Sesh, and why?

we’re a team of veteran technologists and entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving communications and bettering human understanding at scale. deep communication and behavioral analysis technologies have existed for some time, but we only found it behind closed doors of large companies and organizations, and oftentimes used disparately we wanted to make it easy to use and understand, and make it available to everyone to raise the global level of emotional intelligence. we can all use a hand in understanding each other better