Sesh corp

what does Sesh do?

Sesh is a neuroscience-based people development company. we impart practices and create technologies that aid communication and increase performance across domains

who is Sesh?

our team includes a diverse group of veteran technologists and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping humans communicate better and instilling lifelong learning and curiosity. learn more about each team member

how can I contact Sesh?

you can click on the conversation icon in the corner of the screen to reach us. if you prefer to send an email, you can reach us here for company inquiries or for individual questions and comments please send us a message here

what products and services does Sesh offer?

Sesh has launched three products to-date including: Sesh sessions, Sens and Polyboards.


how do you apply neuroscience to your sessions?

educational neuroscientists have been running experiments for a few decades with many empirical discoveries detailing how the brain learns. we built Sesh from the ground up on these learnings, including:

  • the structure of the sessions
  • the design of the learning space
  • the tools used in learning
  • the content breakdown
  • the habit-forming techniques
hybrid nature of live session followed by digital games Sesh also analyzes session videos using an AI to better personalize the learning experience

where can I attend a Sesh session?

you can attend sessions at Cross Campus locations throughout Los Angeles. check our website for the latest schedule. you can also have Sesh come to your company to run a bespoke program. contact us here

who needs these sessions?

all professionals

will Sesh sessions help me in my career?

the short answer is yes, so long as you apply what you've learned

can I add Sesh to my resume?

why not? we would

how do I attend a live session?

log in or sign up here. then scroll to the session you want and hit “book” - any problems just hit the conversation icon in the bottom right of the screen for questions

how can I bring Sesh sessions to my company?

contact our customer care team to organize a call. Sesh works with your leadership and HR to create a bespoke program to fill gaps and enhance your teams’ skills. Sesh also offers a full cultural analysis to identify the optimal program for your organisation

can I get a refund?

all purchases are final. if you cancel at least 48 hours before a session, however, we will offer a credit for a future session . Sesh needs a minimum number of people in each session so cancellations can disrupt the session for everyone so we try to have as few as possible

what will I get if I sign up for a session?

a 360 learning experience: in-person mentor-guided 53-57 minute session, followed by digital games based on modern workshopping techniques and educational neuroscience for recall and reflection

do you offer subscriptions?

right now, we offer packages of sessions but no subscriptions


what does Empath do?

Empath helps you better understand people in video environments. it does so by helping develop better emotional sensitivity through feedback. this increase in people intelligence allows us to better read people and achieve goals: sell, teach, inform, lead and communicate better

how does Empath work?

Empath is an AI-based technology that looks at a video source, much like a human would, and makes a best guess at a person’s state of mind based on how they are expressing themselves. it then shows you a state of mind bubble with what it has found and how confident it feels in its prediction

how much does it cost?

we will be posting pricing soon… sign up for the beta to get the best pricing options

how can I try out Empath?

sign up for our beta program. we will be letting people in, in order of signup so first come, first served

how accurate is Empath?

like a person, practice and learning improves performance. the more videos Empath looks at, the more accurate it becomes. each state of mind has a bar underneath which shows its confidence

what is Empath doing to protect my privacy?

Empath is both GDPR and CCPA compliant. this means we do not store any personally identifiable data you do not want us to and you can delete your data at any time you like

how is my Empath data being stored?

we use Amazon Web Services as our platform for data storage. all data is secured and all data transmission is encrypted. video playback is highly regulated with top tier security features


where can I purchase polyboards?

fill out this two-question form and as soon as we start our production runs you will be the first to know

can you use any kind of whiteboard pen on them?

yes however, like all white boards, orange, pink, and red can stain them over time if they are not cleaned regularly

how can Polyboards be used?

in the boardroom: for workshops, brainstorming, collaborating, jotting down notes, also great for traveling consultants in the classroom: for group project work, drawing, note-taking or building in the living room for: game night, planning, to-do lists, love notes in the livingroom: for creative play, home education, creative maps for building structures and anything a child's imagination can dream up