parent without guilt,
experience yell-free days

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Get science-backed
tips & techniques

Get techniques & tips to try instantly. Plus save your favorite ones to your toolbox.

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Reflect with daily 

Reflect on each day to discover what worked, what didn’t, and what to try next.

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Practice emotional regulation 

Take a beat, and check in with yourself using emotional regulation activities. 

judgment-free guidance,
for any parenting style 

There's no magic solution to regulating our emotions, but Sesh is the next best thing. 

We've all been there, you're not a bad parent for struggling to regulate your emotions. 

Let Sesh help with judgment-free,

science-backed methods vetted by parents like you.


Sesh guides you through the science of emotions and triggers so that you can apply the most effective techniques at the right time.

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Stop that anger and frustration in its tracks with Sesh’s tried-and-true techniques. Build your personalized daily plan, then reflect on each day with guided check-ins. 

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Each situation is an opportunity for learning and growth. Use data and insights to adapt your approach until it works for you. Plus, practice emotional regulation-building.

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Mother and Daughter Communicating

by parents, psychologists, and scientists

Our team includes a diverse group of parents, scientists, development psychologists, veteran technologists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to making parenting easier.


As fellow parents, let's face it - we're all tired and stressed. None of us know what we're doing all of the time, or even most of the time. 

We built Sesh to reduce feelings of inadequacy and help you be more confident in your parenting skills.


We look forward to building healthier, happier families everywhere. 


helping you parent without guilt