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learning and development is a business-critical priority for optimizing teams, increasing performance, and staying competitive.

We improve the effectiveness of each individual employee to increase the effectiveness of the whole organization


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Remote work

remote work is now essential. Sesh can help your company transition to a successful virtual office.


using our tested neuroscience based methodologies, Sesh can help you leverage your stay at home workforce to optimize productivity in these challenging and dynamic times. let us help you.



your package



any 2 skills

- up to 12 people per session 
- access to app
- at your office or local retreat



any combination of up to 6 skills

- up to 12 people per session 
- access to app
- at your office



choose a core set of 12 skills

- up to 12 people per session 
- access to app
- at your office



custom program design

- up to 12 people per session 
- access to app
- at your office

- cultural analysis

- regular action reports

what our corporate clients say:

I personally attended the sessions. The results of these simple, yet amazingly effective workshops, were quite positive and manifested themselves almost immediately. I have used the techniques in my daily huddles and workshops to surprisingly good results. More exciting though is observing the staff using the tools they learned with enthusiasm and surprising efficiency.

behzad kianmahd, ceo

A few days after a training session, I experienced a brilliant idea from the contractor that surfaced because of a misinterpretation of an Architectural Sketch. I thought of the session where we drew our ideas, which our neighbor then interpreted in their own way. This, in my opinion, was a direct application of this process, which resulted in a great idea to save a few thousand dollars, just because the contractor had a different perspective when looking at my drawing. Magic.

cory walker, architect

learning made 


experiencing slow career development? or maybe you’ve progressed quickly but now you’re facing burnout? 


each session is designed to help you generate better habits for lasting improvement in your work performance


what is a session? a 360 learning experience: live sessions followed by digital games based on modern workshopping techniques and educational neuroscience

we offer sessions at Cross Campus, a co-working company with five locations throughout Los Angeles 

see the upcoming schedule and sign up today to receive one free session credit!




like most of you, we have been closely monitoring the CDC's news on COVID-19. we are aware of the precautions that need to be taken, with our best option being social distancing, and are committed to ensuring the safety of the entire Sesh community 


with that said, we have decided to postpone in-person sessions, effective immediately, until it is safe to reconvene 

 in the meantime look out for our tips and tricks for professional development in our email newsletters and via social @goseshyourself

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at Sesh we have developed a community of life-long learners; people who a place a high value on knowledge and personal development

we bring together people who want to improve themselves: professionals that believe it possible to love their work and how they work; leaders who want to create other leaders in culture-rich organizations and instructors that want to make everyone smarter 

book a session today to learn more


Sesh works for every professional  

with us, you can discover…


the art of


- hack your consensus 
- discover your culture
- optimize your ideation


the art of


- optimize your success
- optimize your bullshit detector
- optimize your decision-making


the art of


- optimize your interpersonal               communications 
- optimize your communications       content
- optimize your communications       channels

our methodology

our methodology relies on three basic learnings derived from educational neuroscience: 

recall, reflection, retention

what is knowledge without retention? our digital games are designed to encourage recall, reflection and ultimately, better habits

interleaving of ideas

Sesh engages the mind, cements learning, and encourages interaction for greater accountability and collaboration

learn by doing

Sesh is a 360 learning experience using modern workshopping techniques that require in-person attendance

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