scalable and affordable business coaching solution

retain and attract top talent by offering AI-powered soft skills coaching to every member of your organization


 improve your staff by 1% a day, 

with science-backed

behavior change coaching​

in just 5 minutes a day, your staff will learn immediately applicable soft skills for rapid improvement 


create a personal plan​

employees take a psychographic analysis and receive a personal coaching plan from their AI coach


learn techniques & skills

learn and hone each skill through science-backed, behavior changing methodologies 


build effective habits

integrate each learned skill into their everyday, transforming their identity and making each habit second nature


immediately applicable techniques,
at their fingertips

your staff can get advice and feedback, learn a technique, and measure their performance - at any time

Sesh's AI is impartial, affordable, and scalable - meeting each staff member where they are


each coaching session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience, and teaches immediately applicable techniques  

get feedback and coaching
from any video or phone call

self-awareness and self-regulation are key components of effective communication, strengthening peer relationships, and honing productivity 

your team can record any video or phone call through Sesh and receive instant feedback 
Sesh's AI will tell them often they use
filler words like uh and um, analyze the positivity in their language and tone, and identify whether others will understand them easily   

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stop losing top talent due to lack of growth opportunity  

61% of employees are actively looking for new jobs because they lack professional development guidance and opportunity

Sesh offers opportunities for daily improvement & skills development, nurturing happier, more engaged employees 

happy employees lead to stronger company culture which has been linked to improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and higher profit margins 

how will Sesh drive your team's success? 

take a quick quiz to find out how our AI-powered coach can help you

invaluable soft skills 
that improve an organization's health

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become an influential communicator

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make better decisions, faster

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problem-solve with confidence

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hone your leadership skills

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strengthen your growth mindset

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accelerate  relationships

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inspire action

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boost your empathy

stop paying for human coaches
AI will get you there faster

we draw on cognitive psychology and educational neuroscience research from the Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education to underpin our delivery method, and turn everyone in the Sesh platform into hyper-productive learners

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by accelerating the learning process we enable rapid habit change, from ignorance to identity

we leverage the FOGG Behavior Model and powerful insights from James Clear’s Atomic Habits to inform the process of behavior change and the way Sesh’s AI recommends systems for change


combined with Sesh co-founder, cauri jaye’s, own CRISP behavior change model, Sesh condenses real and meaningful habit change that usually takes months into as few as six weeks per skill