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hack your professional growth

supercharge your professional success with deep insights into your habits & behaviors followed by personalized coaching


your next big move, just one upload away

record and upload team meetings, a 1:1 with a trusted colleague, a client video call, or a practice pitch or presentation, Sesh will identify communication and behavioral patterns inhibiting your performance and provide you with neuroscience based coaching to undo those bad habits...

...the more you upload, the more you gain

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develop crucial skills

learn the skills you are not taught at work. the skills that are inevitably developed through making big mistakes

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build good habits
unlock rapid professional success with personalized skills coaching

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gain a competitive edge
 achieve constant feedback & progress reports, don’t wait for your annual review

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reach your professional goals
 secure a growth mindset & influence with your optimized critical thinking skills 

what are you looking for?

take a quick quiz to find out how our AI-powered coach can help you


92% of executives say soft skills are at least as important as technical skills,

yet 89% have a difficult time finding employees with soft skills (Wall Street Journal)


gain skills that all employers desire but don’t teach 

  • receive targeted coaching sessions to undo those bad habits that are blocking your success

  • your sessions inform every micro-training to deliver a personalized experience

  • each session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience so that you’re retaining what you learn, and able to apply it immediately 

capture deep behavior insights

  • analyze the impact of your language & tone

  • identify conversational dynamics that are helping or hindering your success

  • understand how you're perceived

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analyze your state of mind

  • uncover how you will be perceived by your audience within each video session upload

  • capture the most frequent emotions to understand patterns over time

  • identify unexpected moments


  • get complete for all your video session uploads

  • pinpoint reactions associated with certain phrases or moments

  • optimize your language for engagement & understanding

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excel with Sesh

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all the tools you need to rapidly scale your professional growth

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gain respect and trust amongst your team & managers faster 

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understand how you’re perceived

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master the art of clear communication

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strengthen your team & client relationships

Sesh for career-driven professionals

supercharge your career and become the best version of you, with AI-powered behavior analysis, followed by soft skills coaching

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