about us

Sesh is your personal AI communication coach


the team behind Sesh builds technologies that aid communication and increase performance using neuroscience and lifelong learning practices

our values


we want humans to communicate better. we designed skills-based in-person learning sessions, to improve communication in organizations. then created Sesh to improve communications and better human understanding at scale


empathy lies at the core of EQ on demand. we live and breath this in our company practices, in our product and in our outward contact. better human understanding in our communications relies on better understanding of each other, finding shared values and shared ideas as a grounding for more efficient and effective conversation


we do not want to hide what we do. we have a number of tools in mind that externalize what our technology does for our customers to explore as much as possible. we champion privacy. we will do our best to make it understood what data we use and do not use


our curiosity is our guide. our iterative work on our technology and service will benefit from a tight continuous feedback loop between our users and our team, allowing our curiosity and humanity to guide what we build, while letting our transparency and empathy guide how we build

growth mindset

our growth mindset drives our business, while our ethics drive our product. we will continue to see how we can create the most value for our users, while we expand our knowledge of what works and what does not


we seek balance in all things. between technology and humanity, transparency and privacy, curiosity and empathy. we know where we want to go but remain open to new ideas along the way

our leadership team


David Dorfman 

co-founder & ceo

David is a proven business leader with over 18  years of international business and development experience across disciplines. he has served as a strategic advisor to many startup founders and teams and has helped raise $60M+ in funding for early stage ventures, technology transfer and licensing, laboratory research, capital investment, scholarship, and research programs


“Efficiency, empathy and communication drives productivity. By honing these skills and  focusing on positive outcomes for everyone, we can make many small contributions to our collective progress. Sesh is a manifestation of my desire to bring this to the world.”


cauri jaye 

co-founder & chief technology innovation officer

cauri is a technologist, futurist and instructor with over 26 years building green field technology and training business teams at startups and fortune 100 companies. he has led over 100 tech projects in Europe and America from gesture controlled technology to the augmented reality department at National Geographic. he specializes in frontier tech that helps companies solve intractable problems with nascent technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality

“My obsession with the first principles of success led me to the creation of Sesh. Curiosity and lifelong learning can solve any problem and unlock any door.”


Kevin Woolery

co-founder and chief software architect & data scientist

as an avid technologist and entrepreneur, Kevin began writing code at age nine and his software has since contributed to several high-profile entertainment, infrastructure and publishing systems. he began his career in computer switch maintenance for the U.S. Air Force and soon went on to contribute to the creation of the world’s first Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is still deployed over 20 years later as the Century Link CDN. he was a core team member at Sandpiper Networks, which was acquired for $1.1 billion 


“During my career as a technical leader, I’ve spent the majority of my time focused on software and systems engineering with the goal of increasing scale and profit. I joined Sesh because the goal of the company goes beyond money, which, of course, is necessary, but rather building products that help move humanity in a positive direction through education and insight.”


Jennifer Fox

head of product & operations

Jen is an imaginative and passionate product manager with 10+ years experience  working in startups, AdTech companies, and agencies alike. her extensive experience in  sales, client services, operations, and now, product management has awarded her indispensable collective knowledge which she finds key for successful product and technology development.  Jen is also a certified Agile team facilitator; helping teams to collaborate, problem solve and scale their agile process.

“Early in my career I learned the importance of lifelong learning as a mindset. Working at Sesh is my way of paying this forward to those who have not been so lucky. Sesh is challenging conventional learning and working strategies to help professionals develop tools to work smarter. Sesh is for those who say to themselves ‘there’s got to be a better way of doing this,’ because there is, and I want to be a part of that solution.”


Sierra Dowd
head of marketing & communications

Sierra brings 13 years of marketing, eCommerce, community and communications expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs at the intersection of beauty, fashion, entertainment and tech.  prior to launching Los Angeles-based consulting firm SVP House, Sierra was the director of eCommerce partnerships at Beautycon, a globally-recognized community for Gen Z and Millennial content creators

“An underlying theme throughout my career has been empowering people and businesses through education and emotional intelligence training. Each product that Sesh develops not only encompasses both education and EQ, but exhibits the unimagined power of each. Sesh is changing the way the world learns and interpersonally connects, and I am honored to be a part of that.”


Serena Epstein

head of user experience

Serena is a qualitative researcher with a design background and 11 years creating delightful, user-centered experiences. she’s a passionate advocate for science, accessibility, and inclusive design practices, with a master’s degree in human-computer interaction and design. Serena spends her free time running a small retail business, fundraising for environmental and human rights nonprofits and singing to her houseplants

“For me, the practice of empathy has always been central to building inclusive experiences. I love that our work at Sesh brings social intelligence and impactful communication within reach for everyone, making large scale institutional change accessible and achievable. I’m continually inspired by my talented, thoughtful teammates and the potential impact of our work on the world around us”


Masooma Ali, Ph.D

data scientist 

Masooma is a postdoctoral researcher in quantum gravity, working at the intersection of physics, probability theory, and high performance computing. over the past 10 years her love for reformulating and solving mathematical problems using statistical data, has led her work in pulsar astronomy with messy real world data, and in classical and quantum gravity with pristine simulated data. most recently it led to a natural segue into machine learning where she is fascinated by how similar ideas and techniques can be used to study the natural world and also build intelligent systems

“I have always been fascinated by human-machine communication. At Sesh I get to indulge my curiosity by being a part of developing an AI that understands human interaction not just at a semantic level but also has EQ. What’s more I get to do this with extremely talented people I can learn from constantly and who care deeply about building ethical AI. “

our advisors


Armen R. Kherlopian, Ph.D


serves as Chief Science Officer at Genpact and has provided high impact Data Science advisory for Global Fortune 100 companies and government organizations such as NASA. he is a co-founder of the Data Science Bowl, the largest data challenge for social good, and a co-author of the Field Guide to Data Science, which has over 25,000 copies in distribution. he holds a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Algorithms from Columbia University, a PhD in Biophysics with a focus on Machine Learning from Cornell University, and completed a fellowship in High Performance Computing with a focus on Artificial Intelligence at Princeton University

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 9.42.50 AM.png

Amit Goldenberg, Ph.D


assistant professor at Harvard Business School (NOM) and a psychologist by training. his research focuses on the role of emotions in social interactions, particularly in the context of social and political issues


one line of his work examines emotional dynamics between people and their contribution to group behavior such as conflicts and collective action. a second line of work focuses on how social interactions contribute to the regulation of emotions. a third line of work focuses specifically on the interaction between emotions and technology


to examine questions in these three lines of work, he employs a multi-method approach that integrates behavioral experiments, analysis of data from digital media, and computational modeling

Amit received his Ph.D from Stanford University under the supervision of James Gross. before that, he worked as a journalist and a writer. in 2016, his first novel ‘A City Forsaken’ (עיר הנידחת) was published in Israel by Keter Publishing House


Ross Hale


veteran software product development team leader and CTO who has overseen teams of 100+ developers. his life's work is helping to create authentic, creative, fun, and effective software development teams and cultures 


Jorge Barraza, Ph.D


assistant professor of consumer psychology at the university of southern california (usc), specializing in applying psychology and neuroscience to understanding and predicting consumer behavior. Dr. Barraza has published numerous articles on emotion, behavioral neuroscience, and the use of stories to influence costly decisions