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...and more! 

  • Use quick check-ins to track behavior and see progress over time

  • Create connections with parents who cannot be there

  • Build a video library of your most precious memories

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Sesh connects you and your child through fun activities to build closeness. Teach emotional intelligence, and learn how your child sees the world so you can connect, guide, and communicate better.

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Let Sesh help. We all need solutions to the real problems we face with our children every day. Sesh delivers techniques you can use right now, plus lasting solutions to address the core issue.

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Helping parents build healthy relationships, manage behavioral issues, and make better decisions... from first words to all grown up.

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make better decisions, together

Parents face a lot of decisions daily. Sesh makes it easy for you and your family to think through decisions big and small. 

Sesh pinpoints items for you to discuss with your co-parent, based on shared goals and concerns.

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by parents,
for parents

Let’s face it, we’re all stressed and tired. None of us know what we’re doing all of the time, or even most of the time. We built Sesh to reduce feelings of inadequacy, and help you be more confident in your parenting skills. 

meet Sesh, the super parent helper

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 helping families grow closer

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