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If you are not providing coaching to all your employees, you’re doing it wrong

Ever wonder why some companies seem to attract the best talent and others struggle to find and keep even mediocre staff? In a word: culture.

Company culture does not mean beanbags in the lounge and kombucha in the breakroom. When work shifted to Zoom during the pandemic, it exposed that good corporate culture runs much deeper than a few in-office benefits.

Companies that did not have a strong culture of collaboration, effective communication, and individual empowerment saw their teams struggle to connect and produce without the constant managerial oversight provided by in-person work.

Organisations with a strong culture of support, mentorship, individual drive, and accountability saw a spike in productivity.

This discrepancy exposed that companies that focus on the soft skills of only managers lost as soon as the managers could not effectively manage. At the same time, the organisations that had universal support for all of their employees thrived.

Giving every employee, no matter the role, some coaching support ensured that the company could weather any storm. And coaching does a whole lot more; it reduces the disruption and training costs of new employees by increasing employee retention.

With a solid cultural foundation, this satisfied workforce demonstrates higher resilience, more aggressive productivity, continuous innovation, and better customer relations, leading to more sales and longer lifetime value per customer.

However, the cost of a good business coach forces executives to choose which employees can get coaching and which do not. This selective professional development often ends up only providing executive or managerial coaching. If anything, most staff only get access to a library of mundane videos as their only source of training and development. This no longer has to be this way

Nowadays, with low-cost, highly-personalised artificial intelligence coaching, business owners do not need to choose who on their team gets to become a better leader, a more effective communicator, or a more innovative thinker. They all can benefit from mentorship and coaching.

Everyone deserves a coach.

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cauri is a technologist and futurist with over 25 years building technology for startups and fortune 100 companies. he has led on over 100 tech projects in europe and america from gesture controlled set top boxes to a system that stood up to the most notorious corporate hack of the last decade. he regularly speaks about corporate culture, artificial intelligence and the future of technology

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