Your best talent will never want to leave if you give them this gift

Why offering soft skill training to your employees will make you a more desirable employer

Everyone knows that a person cannot learn empathy. Either one has it or not. It is ancient wisdom that tells us so. Well, apparently, traditional wisdom has never considered cognitive psychology because we can indeed learn empathy, and so much more.

The ability of the brain to create new connections (known as neuroplasticity) ensures that we can continue to learn throughout our lives. It also shows that we can change any aspect of our thinking, including our point of view, our emotional triggers, our habits, our worldview, and our physical abilities.

Employees can actively learn empathy and other so-called soft skills, including leadership, problem-solving, decision making, collaboration, confidence, persuasion, and self-compassion throughout their careers.

These communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills form a core part of professional development. Studies show that these human skills lead to less employee churn, greater talent loyalty, and more productive individuals in more effective teams.

Human resource departments seek to find these skills in all candidates when recruiting, but why only seek these skills in external job hiring candidates when they can develop them internally? Opportunities for upskilling has also become an essential way to attract the best talent.

Business owners do not need to leave staff to learn soft skills through trial and error or luck - empower them with a safe space to learn. They will love it and thrive, providing great individual value and an organizational advantage.

The culture created by providing ongoing soft skill development exudes from the organization through word of mouth, LinkedIn posts, social media sites, review sites like Glassdoor, and the press. This public showing of solid culture and professional development opportunities creates a talent magnet where top-tier talent feels attracted to the organization, and your best talent never wants to leave.

Empower the individual, improve the organization.

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