an affordable AI-powered pitch coach for every member of your team

master influence & persuasion to land every sale


accelerate closed-won rates

 with just 10 minutes a day

Sesh makes pitching easier by using a combination of educational neuroscience and artificial-intelligence-powered coaching to help your team improve their content and delivery


record a practice pitch

record & upload a practice pitch

on your phone


view analysis

Sesh analyzes your video, quickly identifying areas of improvement​


rapidly improve skills

receive targeted coaching to supercharge communication skills


increase sales performance with 
communication skills coaching

  • receive targeted coaching for rapid sales performance improvement

  • your team's data informs every session to deliver a personalized experience

  • each coaching session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience 

gain invaluable 
speech clarity insights

  • see how often they use filler words like uh and um

  • analyze positivity in their language and tone 

  • know whether their prospects will understand them easily

  • understand their communication patterns

filler words 1.png
image-SOM (1).png

find out how their prospects may perceive them 

  • quickly see how their prospects may perceive them while pitching

  • uncover patterns over time to help you stay in tune with your audience

  • identify unexpected moments to guide improvement

auto-generated transcripts to reference

  • get complete transcripts of each pitch video to reference

  • predict reactions to certain phrases or moments

  • optimize their language for engagement & understanding

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 Sesh for sales teams


land more sales​

hone persuasion & influence to land the pitch every time


retain your best customers

build trust & credibility by identifying customer needs rapidly


grow your business

unlock the habits of highly successful sales professionals 

affordable, science-backed, and easy-to-use

pitching is hard, and the only way to get better is through practice and coaching. we know that, but coaches are is practice when done on real prospects 

these challenges are what inspired us to build Sesh

Sesh delivers an AI-powered pitch coach to the hands of every member of your sales team. a coach that knows exactly what trainings to tailor to each rep, and when 

360 approach to effective pitching

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optimize your language

icon (18).png

hone your content

icon (19).png

improve your delivery

icon (20).png

connect with your audience

icon (21).png

strengthen your pitch mindset

icon (22).png

speak clearly and confidently

icon (23).png

inspire action

icon (24).png

enhance your Q&A