work smarter 

your personal AI-powered communication coach


helping leaders, teams, and individuals work better together

be more persuasive, influential, and successful in every interaction


record yourself

record & upload a practice pitch, presentation, or speech


view analysis

Sesh analyzes your video, quickly identifying areas of improvement 


improve your skills

receive targeted coaching to supercharge your communication skills 

how can Sesh drive your success?

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92% of executives say soft skills are at least as important as technical skills,

yet 89% have a difficult time finding employees with soft skills (Wall Street Journal)


skills coaching 

  • receive targeted coaching sessions for rapid performance improvement

  • your data informs every session to deliver a personalized experience

  • each session is customized with the latest educational neuroscience 

state of mind analysis

  • quickly see how others may perceive you

  • identify unexpected moment to help guide follow up

  • capture frequent emotions to understand patterns over time

  • uncover the complete emotional journey including action, decision, and emotion states

image-SOM (1).png

deep language insights

  • see how often you use filler words like uh and um

  • analyze positivity in your language and tone 

  • know whether others will understand you easily

  • understand your communication patterns

auto-generated transcripts

  • get a complete transcript of your video 

  • pinpoint reactions to certain phrases or moments

  • optimize your language for engagement & understanding


pitch training

unlock rapid pitch success with personalized coaching 

“Sesh has turned me from a founder that could raise $1m, to a founder that can raise $20m. The deep insights into my business pitch changed the entire game.”

- Dee, Startup CEO


sales training

scale your training and strengthen external communications

"Sesh allows us to understand interactions, predict outcomes, and find new metrics to operate at scale. Sentiment analysis will undoubtedly become a must-have for any business working with clients."

- Innes, COO


business coaching

pinpoint moments of engagement and comprehension

“My goal is to help clients reach their goals. They each have specific goals, so I’m looking at Sesh to see if it can help us achieve those goals better or quicker or both.”

- Tom, Business & Executive Coach


lifelong learning

optimize your skills & communication through purposeful personal growth

"I was tired of learning the skills necessary to succeed through making mistakes at work. With Sesh, I’ve been able to achieve a promotion by incorporating the skills learned in my personalized trainings."

- Sofia, Marketing Manager

who's using Sesh?​

let's talk science

Sesh uses artificial intelligence to analyze the action, emotion, and decision states of humans using machine learning, situational and desired outcome context, psychographics, facial and viscera motor expressions

we leverage
human tagging in addition to artificial intelligence, which means there are humans behind the machines identifying action, emotion, and decision states

coming soon



improve communication by identifying how frequently interruptions occur



optimize your language by saving technical terms for the appropriate audience  


brand alignment

ensure a consistent experience by keeping language aligned with your brand 


Sesh for enterprise

revolutionize your team training and wellness. Sesh will analyze what makes your team tick, identify their conversational patterns, then provide recommendations for improvement. interested? don't wait any longer

Sesh for research

rapidly scale your research with easy-to-use qualitative coding tools, including: ​

  • intuitive tagging with fine-tuned controls

  • session transcripts

  • custom session labels

  • AI-suggested analysis

  • inter-rater reliability

  • completion status at a glance


our vision

all human advances have come through improving communication: cave drawings, speech, writing, printing, broadcast and now digital communications

Sesh takes the next step, empowering us to become more effective communicators and increase understanding - by giving us insight into each other and ourselves


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou


When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.

Dale Carnegie