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upskill your workforce, with an affordable business coach for every member of your team


 AI-powered business coach developing high performing professionals

Sesh teaches soft skills at scale, coaching professionals into inspirational leaders who are more productive and better at their jobs


create a personal plan​

employee's take a skills assessment and discover their coaching plan


learn techniques & skills

hone such skills as communication, leadership, decision-making, and more


build effective habits

implement practical tools and techniques for lasting transformation 


skills every professional needs

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skill development 
insights & progress

gain invaluable insight into your employee's skills and coaching progress

understand engagement and trends, to inspire team cohesion and increase productivity

 why Sesh?

increase workplace productivity

see an 88% increase in productivity while your teams develop greater skills with just 5-10 minutes a day in Sesh

promote creativity & innovation

effective communication skills improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and lead to higher profit margins. empower the individual, improve the team

gain a competitive advantage

40% of talent leave their jobs due to lack of future career development. attract the best with a personalized coaching platform

rapid & effective 

each employee gains access to their coach through their phone or computer

after completing an interactive skills assessment, they receive a personalized coaching plan

a virtual coach leads each coaching session through conversational style designed to guide them in discovering new techniques and learning new skills to create lasting change over time

the interactive chat interface and coaching methodology provides rapid and effective learning

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affordable, science-backed, easy-to-use

Sesh's artificial intelligence uses multi-modal analysis, including video, audio, and language to understand learners and hone such skills as communication, leadership, management, grit, decision-making, and more


everyone deserves a coach, not just leaders and executives. Sesh is democratizing coaching with a scalable solution that mimics a real life coaching experience, not just providing tips and content libraries


Sesh is designed to help everyone discover their best selves

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