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making parenting easier

Helping parents build healthy relationships and

manage behavioral issues... from first words to all grown up.


Sesh uses the latest educational neuroscience methodologies combined with the latest child development research to impart real change so you can enjoy parenting more, and feel less stressed.

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created for busy parents

Sesh is a trusted, non-judgmental resource you can access anytime, anywhere. Your child doesn’t come with an instruction manual and all the random advice on the web and social media is overwhelming. Sesh provides you with science-backed advice for the challenges you face every day. 

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“What I realized, through a lot of conscious effort, is that parenting gives us perhaps the most profound opportunity to grow as human beings.”

- Esther Wojcicki, Chief Parenting Officer, Sesh

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Dreaming of zero-tantrum days?
Sesh can help.


Tell Sesh about your child’s tantrums each day to receive personalized science-backed techniques you can use right away.

Receive daily guidance to coach you through applying techniques.

Become a master of tantrum regulation and begin to experience zero-tantrum days.

real parents, real results

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"I'm so grateful for these techniques. We've had some big changes are the last few days that easily could have caused a tantrum but thankfully we've been able to avoid them, and ourselves stay extremely calm amidst  the change and chaos."
- Mother of 2.5-year-old

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by parents, for parents

Our team includes a diverse group of parents, scientists, development psychologists, veteran technologists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping humans communicate better and instilling lifelong learning and curiosity.


As fellow parents, let's face it - we're all tired and stressed. None of us know what we're doing all of the time, or even most of the time. 

We built Sesh to reduce feelings of inadequacy and help you be more confident in your parenting skills.


We look forward to building healthier, happier families everywhere. 


helping families grow closer

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